How to Give Your Wife Oral Sex

Warning: This material about Oral Sex Techniques is VERY sexually explicit and specific.

The Importance of Good Oral Sex Techniques

Oral sex is important – and doing it right is more important.  You may or may not like to give her oral sex.  When you realize that she is more likely to have an orgasm which in turn will likely result in more sex for both of you, you will realize that it is an important part of your mutual sex life.  In the past, I have had some problems in this area.  I always thought that all women loved oral sex.  I didn’t know that you could “screw up” giving a woman oral sex.  So it bothered me when she didn’t want it anymore.  I did not understand – and it felt like rejection.  Turns out I was making all of the most common mistakes most men make at one point or another.  Additionally, I was not thinking about what she might be thinking about.  So why should I care? – First because I want her to feel good – it makes me feel more manly to hear: “oh my God, that was great!”  Second because the better she feels, the more often she will want to have sex.  Selfish, I know – but good for both of us.  How did I figure this stuff out?  I’ve bought some books on oral sex.  Here’s some of what I learned:

*Most* Women Love Oral Sex

Most women really like oral sex.  While only 35% of women can have an orgasm via direct sexual intercourse, up to 60% can have an orgasm via oral sex.  Improving your technique for oral sex can greatly increase the chances of your wife having a mind blowing orgasm.  Here are some detailed and explicit pointers on how to give your wife oral sex.

Oral Sex Tips for Men

The most important factor to consider when satisfying your wife with oral sex is her mental state of mind.  Her mind is the most powerful sexual organ she has.  While she might like oral sex, she may uncomfortable with it.  During oral sex, she may be concerned with her odor, how she looks down there, how much you are enjoying yourself, is she taking too long, did she shave close enough and about one million other thoughts.  Your first job is to allay those thoughts.  First step to how to give your wife oral sex: put her at ease.

Here are 6 tips to put her at ease for oral sex:

  1. Take a shower with her – or set up some candles and let her shower by herself.  Let her get as clean as she can be before oral sex.
  2. Dim the lights – better yet: use candlelight (be safe with open flame).  Most women do not like a spotlight on their genitals.
  3. Make sure you express to her how much you love to please her with oral sex.
  4. Let her know her chemistry is just right for you and is turning you on (she tastes good to you).
  5. Assure her – don’t make her feel pressured to have an orgasm – let her know you really love it and there is no rush.
  6. Do not feel frustrated in the event she doesn’t have an orgasm – be happy with any amount of pleasure you can give her – she will be.

Now she feels at ease, so she will be able to relax into accepting oral sex.  And remember: relaxed is good – very good.  This is where oral sex technique comes in.

Don’t make common mistakes like rubbing too much with your tongue – because she’ll get raw.  Be sure to listen to her body language and go where she directs you.  And don’t try going down on her with a wire-brush-like scruff on your face – it’ll make her raw.

Make her Want You

Build anticipation before oral sex.  Be sure to do a lot of kissing and foreplay before you begin to go down on her.  Do not go straight for her clitoris at the beginning of oral sex.  Kiss her gently on her inner thigh.  Kiss her right on the outside of her outer labia.  Move your mouth across her genital area just brushing it and breathing warm breath on it.  Then kiss directly on her labia a couple of times.  Make sure she is relaxed – if she isn’t assure her it’s ok and wait for another day.  The point is: you want her to want you to go further; watch her body language.  When she is open to you or directly invites you, then you can go further.

The KEY to Great Technique

The key to giving your wife great oral sex is to discover what works best for her.  Again, I am describing one method here, but I now know many others – because I took some time and enjoyed discovering new ways to please her.  My goal was to get to the “Oh my God that was great!” kind of sex that would keep my wife coming back for more (no pun intended).  I suggest reading about techniques to add spark to your sex life.  I’ve read several, but for oral sex in particular, I suggest you read “Lick by Lick“.  Lick by Lick has some good techniques and tips that work; it makes it more exciting when you have something you can read and then look forward to trying together – its the kind of anticipation that women love.

Start it Right

When you start giving her oral sex, don’t rush in.  Be respectful.  Follow her lead. tease her – kiss her thighs and all around: SLOWLY.  There is no rush.  You want her to really start wanting to feel you give her oral sex.  She will let you know.  You want her to be really relaxed and turned on.  If you rush into oral sex, then she’ll feel like you want her to hurry up and orgasm – that’ll stress her out; but if you go slow, she’ll see that you are enjoying it as much as she is – and that’ll take the pressure off her.  When she is relaxed, then you can slowly test the waters to see if she is ready.  When she’s ready – her body language will let you know.

Pay Attention to Her

Every woman is different and likes different pressure and tempo.  You need to listen and watch for all the queues you can to make sure you are doing what she likes. Be sure to pay attention to her body language.  When she is holding your head and moving her pelvis or pushing you with her thighs during oral sex, she is trying to reveal to you exactly where she wants you to be.  Let her position herself and position you.  Don’t move when she stops moving.  She will make small adjustments to get you in just the right place.  Trust her – she knows where it feels best.  Do not move (except with whatever you’re doing with your lips, tongue and/or fingers).

You will find an oral sex rhythm right for her.  It will be at her pace.  Keep her pace.  Don’t speed up when she orgasms.  Keep it at whatever pace and pressure you were at which made her orgasm.  She will let you know you when she wants oral sex harder, faster, or whatever.  She’ll let you know with her sighs and her movements – or even by saying “mmmm, good”.  When she lets you know, stay put – don’t get creative – it’s working, so don’t mess it up.  Women like a rhythm.  Then watch the fireworks!

Once you find out what she likes, you can experiment with oral sex; just in case experiments are too much for her, you will know what to do.  She will be happier for the great oral sex orgasms you give her and she will want you more than ever!  Talk about a libido enhancer, oral sex can be the best libido enhancer there is!

When you want to discover the secrets to really pleasing your wife with oral sex, since you know she likes when you give her oral sex and you can really spice up your sex life doing it right, I suggest that you check out the oral sex guide, Lick by Lick – you really will enhance your sex life when you use the oral sex techniques and tips it shows you. It worked for us.

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6 Responses to How to Give Your Wife Oral Sex

  1. Willis says:

    My girlfriend has high sex drive,and is very open to oral sex.I can stimulate her to the limit with a full body massage,and then slowly work toward oral sex.As with most women,the tongue,and mouth drive her wild,but she has a very hard time reaching a climax.She says she is “right there”but can’t quiet get over the hill so to speak.I notice that she will get into a frenzy of pleasure,then stop for a moment.She will also be headed for the peak,and all of a sudden loose it.Am I doing something wrong possibly,or is this just her pattern of getting there?

  2. george says:

    i want to get this “lick by lick “oral sex guide,but the problem is they always ask for credit card no. which i do not have it.Is it possible to get it in any other way eg:money order/demand draft. etc.
    do let me know.

  3. faheem says:

    Nice tips,but without photos.
    Hope you would add pics soon.

  4. Edwin Judd says:

    I would like to say to those men who have a wife or partner that will not try oral sex or say that it doesn’t do anything for them. Keep persisting, don’t give up the idea of oral sex. All you have to do is sugest every now and then that is worth a try, I myself had a problem trying to convince my wife that it would be better for or sex life ( that was near none existant). Every time I put my hands between her legs she would push them away or when we were going to make love, I would kiss her mouth and her breasts and her stomach I would try to kiss her virgina she would move out of position so that I could not kiss her there.
    We had bad sex for about twenty-five years ( sometime is was very good, but mostly it was bad), I was the main problem, I would sometimes fumble or try to hard and end up coming to way to early. We argued alot about sex and both of us really could not care about trying to fix the problem, we really did give up for a long time trying to saticfy each other.
    About 18 months ago after arguing for about 30 minutes we decided we had to sort out our problems that we had to spend more time getting to know each other all over again, this ment that we had to try to please each other and not just in the bedroom but in our every day life. We had to rediscover the love we once shared and regain the passion of each others company, inside the bedroom and outside of the bedroom. We started slowly, movies, eating out, family activities (three children) and when this was going well and we were happy with each otherwe start the next faze. The second step was to be happy in the bedroom, we started by just kissing. The kissing was simple to start with, when we were happy with that we moved on to touching each others bodies but not genital areas.
    We both were happy with the way things were going, kissing was very passionate, love making was better (still not long) but both of us were happier. One night when the kissing was very passionate and about to make love ( in the spur of the moment) I put my head between her legs and started to kiss her virgina, she did not move my head away, she allowed me to keep going. I could sence she was enjoying this and keeped on going slowly and causously, I could hear her sighs ever so quietly. She said that she did not know that I could do that with my tongue and that it could be so pleasurable.
    I asked her why she allowed my to perform oral sex with her, she said that she thought because I had tried so hard to please her and not myself over the last two months that it was worth trying.
    We have since that night enjoyed so many more nights perform oral sex on each other, trying different ways and positions that our lives have been so much happier.

    This was the start of something that has lasted 18 months

  5. kisloo says:


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